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Terms & Conditions

No Guaranteed Sales

I cannot not guarantee that your business will profit from signing up for my services.

Promotional Services

I do not promote websites. There are many companies out there that do this solely as their business. I concentrates on Web Design and Hosting only. I will however optimize your website adding meta tags (titles, keywords, and descriptions) to work with search engines. I will also submit your website once to a few of the major search engines, but it is your responsibility to promote your website by advertising it in as many places as you can to get added exposure. If your site is craft related, you will automatically be advertised on Country Crafts Catalog.

Billing / Payment Policy

All hosting and maintenance fees are set up on a yearly basis and are to be paid in advance. For website fees, I ask that 1/2 of the total be paid upfront before any work begins. When your web site is completed, the remaining balance may be paid within 90 days. You will be sent an invoice each month where you can pay a third of the balance each month. If this plan does not work out for you, I am pretty flexible with my payment schedule and I will work out a plan that best fits your needs.

Cancellation of Services

If you want to cancel your services, you must do so prior to your next due date to avoid being charged for any additional services. If you cancel your service before your due date is up, you will not receive any refund for the time remaining.

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